Guillermo del Toro's new horror show for FX scheduled for 2014

New Horror tv shows in 2014 – Scariest shows on TV/DVD

It can never get too scary. Not just in cinema, the same is true for television. Here the best new horror series 2014 on TV and out on DVD. We look back on 2013, and discuss the most promising new horror tv series of 2014 – action/fantasy and thriller horrors from HBO, ABC, NBC, and FOX.  2014 tells us that vampire tv shows are still hot. A list with an overview with trailers and reviews of the scariest series.

It is clear that horror series have gained popularity over the last few years. The big success of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘American Horror Story’ have made big networks realise that there is money to be made in the horror genre. It is no longer just the arena of movies. Besides new horror seasons, there are a few entirely new horror tv shows coming out in 2014 and also 2013 was not all bad. Here is the list.

Original New Horror series on TV – Scheduled Horror shows for 2014 & 2013 top 7

The Strain (2014)

Guillermo del Toro's new horror show for FX scheduled for 2014

Fans of the horror genre should get very excited. The master of Spanish horror has come to television. Guillermo del Toro has been asked to make the new FX tv show, a new vampire horror series which is up for release in July 2014 and is bound the one of the best horror tv shows of 2014. It is based on the vampire novels written by Del Toro himself and Chuck Hogan. Trailer is not yet out, but see below a clip from a motion comics of it to get an impression of the story.

A Deadly Vampire Disease Breaks Out in Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain – Dark Horse Motion Comics

Penny Dreadful (2014)

Penny Dreadful Tease: We All Have Our Demons

The trailer for this new upcoming Showtime 2014 horror tv show seems promising. We do not know many specifics about the show yet, but apparently it will be set in Victorian time London and several literary horror characters will be brought to life there. It is created by John Logan, the writer of several blockbusters like Gladiator and Skyfall. Also featuring some big names, like Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Timothy Dalton. Set for 2014. TBA.

Salem (2014)

SALEM WGN America TV series

The first original tv show by WGN set in 17th century Massachusetts, investigating the actual reasons behind the horrible witch hunts at the time.  According to WGN the witches in the show are real, but are quite different from what you expect them to be. It is said to be released in 2014.

The Following – New horror series with Kevin Bacon set for another season in 2014 on FOX

The Following – Season 2 Trailer

The new trailer for season 2 in 2014. (writing from now on is from last year). A thriller and horror series we are looking forward to immensely. This Warner Bros production has an interesting plotline that can do nothing but appeal to horror series fans. It’s about a charismatic and terribly intelligent, but psychopatic serial killer who communicates with other serial killers and starts a gang of followers who will all give their lives for him. Besides Hollywood Star Kevin Bacon, the popular James Purefoy (John Carter) is starring in The Following. It is created by Kevin Williamson – the man behind Vampire Diaries and Scream. The series will come back with 15 new episodes in 2014.

NBC’s Hannibal with our favorite Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen

Hannibal Lecter Cast In New TV Series: Mads Mikkelsen Former Bond Villain Nabs Role

If there is one Horror classic then that is the film after the book of Thomas Harris: The Silence of the Lambs with Dr. Hannibal Lector. In this series by NBC, Mads Mikkelsen (After the Wedding, Casino Royale) will play the infamous serial killer and the FBI Agent hunting him down will be played by Hugh Dancy (The Big C). This horror series of 2013 is to be released in January. We have not been able to find a specific date yet. It would not surprise us if it starts a bit later. There is a second series in the make by Lifetime, titled Clarice, which is also giving The Silence of the Lambs a go.

Cult – Mysterious thriller as well as a horror on CW

Promo: CW's New Show Cult – First Trailer

This series is reported to premiere (according to IMDB) on 19 feb 2013 . The main character in Cult is Matt Davis, an investigative journalist who can use his skills to figure out the dissapearance of his brother. He suspects a hit tv series ‘Cult’ is somehow involved. The scary looking host of cult is played by noone else than the scary looking Robert Knepper (Prison Break).  It is created by the sci-fi and fantasy giant Rockne S. O’Bannon who is now also filming the upcoming sensational sci-fi series Defiance (read more in Sci-fi series of 2013).

Dracula or Count Dracula – new horror series after the 1890’s story of the vampire count

Dracula NBC: Official Trailer #2

So far very little is known about this project. It is, however, supposed to be airing in 2013. The one castmember we have found so far is the very talented Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has done a great job in the series ”The Tudors’. It is directed by Daniel Knauff, the director of one of our favorite HBO series ‘Carnivale’. We will update this as soon as we know more. Update: the trailer is out now. Does not look all bad.

Speaking of all these vampire tv shows, we stumbled upon a great old French classic that you can watch online with subtitles. You can find it here on Cinema international – European series online

There are more cool new tv shows coming out soon:

HBO series of 2014

Sci-fi series of 2013

New Horror Seasons on TV in 2013/2014

Of course, there are not just new series. A lot of series will start their new season in 2014 were already started at the end of 2013.

  • True Blood – This HBO Horror series will start it’s seventh season in the summer of 2014
  • Vampire Diaries – Will continue in January – Season 5
  • American Horror Stories – Season 4 of this popular American Horror series continues in  January
  • The Walking Dead – AMC comes back with episode 9 of this show in february 2014
  • The Returned – This French horror sci-fi show will return with season 2 on Sundance channel

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